Friday, 12 June 2009

Arcadia's leap

Last year, whilst picnicing in the sun on Hampstead Heath some friends came up with this brilliant challenge which we rolled out on a recent camping trip to Dorset. It's called 'Arcadia's leap', named after the lovely friend who's birthday it was invented on. It's a genius bit of entertainment to fill a sunny afternoon if you happen to have a space hopper to hand.
How do I play it?

  • This is a game of trust as well as jumping ability as contestants compete to see who can jump over the most friends. Very few rules apply and any jumping style can be adopted
  • Get your first friend to lie on the ground and the contestant leaps over them, ideally with a Space Hopper though freestyle is just as much fun
  • On each successful jump, another player lies next to their friend making the distance to be jumped further and further The contestant who jumps the furthest wins

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