Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bale Tossing

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely sister Rachel got married. Apart from the obvious fact that my sister was getting hitched, one of the highlights was the splendiferous selection of organised fun spectaculars that were put on for the guests pleasure and entertainment. There was Welly Wanging, Toss the bale, Croquet and Boules, and a whole host of daftness involving the zip wire that couriered the guests to the bottom of the field.

Luke the groom put on a dazzling performance on the Bale Tossing. Determined to demonstrate his strength, agility and all round perfection as the new hubbie he managed to toss the bale so accurately that it returned to land on his head and knock him to the floor.

How to play it
  • First of all you need to get your bale tossing bar set up. This is essentially a bar that can be easily raised once everyone has cleared it. There are a number of ways you can do it, but my brother in law Luke developed the following
  • Find yourself a good strong fence, a post and rail type is ideal and firmly rope your two ladders onto the fence about 3 to 4 metres apart (or the same length as your metal bar) so they point upwards You need to make sure the rope knots are tight as there is quite a force of the bale hitting the raising pole and you don’t want them to fall on people causing a nasty accident
  • Next, you need figure out a pully system. Cut the strong cord into two equal 10 metre lengths. Attach them to each end of the raising pole. Attach something heavy to the other end of the strong cord and throw this over the top run of one of the ladders. When you pull on the cord the raising pole should easily slide up the ladder. You have to adjust one side at a time or have two people at the ready to raise the pole
  • You might find that a whole bale of straw is too heavy to throw for the ladies and certainly the kids (and perhaps even the men). If you can track down a horse’s hay net, this makes an ideal means to hold a split bale
  • Once you’re all set up, the event plays in rounds. Contestants take it in turns to throw the bale over the pole. If you make it you’re through to the next round. If not you’re out. The person who can throw the highest is the winner
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