Thursday, 18 June 2009

Human Crufts

Human Crufts is one of the many brilliant inventions by the wonderful Bestival Festival team at last year’s Camp Bestival. Our friend Knipey put on a storming performance in his pink velour dog suit but was robbed of his victory by a nine year old. The event involves pairs of friends (one of which pretends to be the pooch and the other the owner) competing in an agility class, freestyle performance and beauty contest.

How do I play it?
  • Decide on your judging panel (ideally three people) and get everyone else to pair up and decide who’s the pooch and who’s the owner
  • Pairs then go away and practice their show routine (a freestyle performance of their choosing), the agility class and agree the outfit for their beauty contest
  • Meanwhile the judges can set up the obstacle course. Think along the lines of planks to balance on, obstacles to jump over and if you can get your hands on one, a tube to tunnel through
  • Contestants then compete in the three classes and are scored out of ten by the judges who hold up a score card at the end of each performance
  • The competing pair with the highest score at the end of the competition wins
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