Monday, 29 June 2009

Knights, Horses & Cavaliers

Another ace alternative to your bog standard game of Musical chairs. In this format players play in pairs but must assume a different 'position' when the music stops.

How do I play it?
  • Get your friends to pair up, ideally with someone from the opposite sex
  • When the music’s on, the pairs must prance and dance around at will. When the music stops the games facilitator shouts either ‘Knight’, ‘Horse’ or ‘Cavalier’
  • ‘Knight’ means the male has to give his partner a piggy back, ‘Horse’ means the male has to give their partner a horse ride by getting on all fours and ‘Cavalier’ means the male has to get down on one knee and the female sits on it
  • The last couple to execute the maneuver is out and so the game plays on until the remaining couple is announced the winner
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  1. We played like this which is also fun...(adapted for teens)
    Knight: One partner has to get down on one knee and propse to the other holding hands
    Horseman: One partner gets down on all fours and the other sits side sattle
    Cavalier: One partner jumps into the other partner's arms

  2. Great alternative! Thanks for sharing. Do you have any pics as I would love to put it on the blog.