Sunday, 28 June 2009

Looking for new ideas for kids party games?

Who'd have thought so many kids would want to be running around an exhibition centre when summer was in full bloom outside. Well in Manchester this weekend, it was quite clearly the thing to do. The Kids Fun Ideas Show is designed to armour parents with a stack of ideas on how to keep their little lovelies entertained in the face of the impending summer holiday stretch. The levels of parental desperation were apparent in the hoards that keenly burst through the opening doors at 10am on a Sunday morning. What happened to the papers in bed with a pot coffee - aaah yes you all have kids.

The show was brimming with thousands of very excited kiddy winks. As well as running a whole host of workshops on how to entertain the kids during the summer holidays, we also did a pack of party games up on the main stage, designed to give parents some inspiration on how to put some life back into the bog standard kids party format.

I'll feature three of the winners in tomorrow's blog entry.

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