Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Race on your face

If you're looking for a game to increase your attractiveness whilst also entertaining you around the dinner table, then look no further than Race on your face. Race on your face is a race to be the first to get an item (be it a Jaffa Cake, cheese biscuit, poker chip or even a sweet - see above picture) from the top of your forehead and into your mouth without using your hands.

I played it live on air last week with the delightful Fred and Lindsey on the McCauley & Co show on BBC Radio Scotland and it thoroughly entertained my family and I at my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Full details of the game are featured below. If you've got any particularly dazzling pictures of you playing the game I'd love to see them. Simply email me at organisedfunforeveryone@gmail.com.

How do I play it?
  • Players each place the appointed item in the centre of their forehead. You might want an Umpire to make sure that all items are positioned in the same place to prevent some players having an unfair advantage
  • On the word go, players race to get the item into their mouth by wrinkling and moving their face. If it falls off the player has to place it back in the middle of their forehead and start again. First one to get the item in their mouth wins
  • There is a method to making it work, but if I tell you here it’ll ruin the fun and give you an unfair advantage. Go figure it out.


  1. Ha Ha. I love this game! I Played it camp bestival.

  2. So did I, it was brilliant. We bought Jaffa Cakes and used it to entertain the kids in the car on the way home