Friday, 26 June 2009

Welly Wanging

If you've got not been lucky enough to be bought up on a diet of country village fetes, then the Welly Wang maybe a new concept to you. Welly Wanging is exactly like Hammer Throwing but with wellies instead. What you don't know what Hammer Throwing is either, Jeez, right let's start with the basics. OK, Welly Wanging is a competition to see who can lob their wellies the furthest - simple.

I’d recommend adopting the underarm wang as quite often the unequal weighting of a traditional welly causes the overarm lob to pitch unpredictably. Wang with the sole facing forwards as air getting caught in the welly as it flies through the sky slows it down and impacts on final measured distance.

How do I play it?
  • Set a wanging line
  • Stand behind the line and launch your welly
  • The umpire then needs to replace the landed welly with the player’s marker
  • Each player gets three wangs and the longest is taken as the winner’s distance
  • The winner is the one who throws their welly the furthest
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