Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Dictionary Game or Call My Bluff

For those looking for a more cerebral line in after dinner entertainment, then let me remind you or indeed tell you about the wonderful Dictionary Game. The Dictionary Game or Call My Bluff involves players taking it in turns to guess the correct, or near as dammit correct, dictionary definition of a chosen word. It sounds a bit dull when described, but as these hazy pictures testify this game has taken many a dinner soiree late into the night.

How do I play it?
  • Players take it in turns to lead each round. Each leader chooses an obscure word from the dictionary, one which they’re fairly certain no one knows the definition of.
  • All the guests need to write a plausible definition for the word. The objective of the game is to confuse other players into selecting yours as the correct one. If you have an inkling of what the actual definition is, then write this out as if correct. It’ll earn you extra points.
  • When done, everyone secretly submits them to the holder of the dictionary. The dictionary holder needs to write out the actual definition on another slip of paper to prevent players easily guessing the correct one.
  • Each definition is then read out and players must guess which is the right one. Scoring is as follows:
  • All players choosing the actual definition get two points.
  • Players also get a point for each person who selects the definition they wrote.
  • If no one identifies the correct definition then the leader of that round gets a point.
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