Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Nail Game

This is an Alpine classic, known to anyone who’s been on an Austrian skiing holiday that included a visit to the local tavern. It’s a competition of judgement and strength where players compete to be the one to hammer the nail all the way into the log. It provides a great opportunity for male bonding as it combines strength, hammer dexterity and a dousing of competition in one neat ‘hanging out at the bar’ package.

The game proved itself to be a winner with a bunch of competitive Dads at this year's Camp Bestival event.

How do I play it
  • The object of the game is to be the person who takes the final strike to get the nail into the log.
  • First, tap a good-sized nail into a solid log or wooden block.
  • Each player takes the hammer and strikes the nail in turn. If they are particularly bold they might go for getting the nail all the way in. I’ve never seen this happen, though am sure that if you’re a challenger for the Austrian Championship it’s a possibility.
  • If, as usually is the case, the player only gets it a short way in, the hammer is handed around the group, with the last striker getting the point.

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