Friday, 10 July 2009

Remember When? A novel take on Charades

If you're bored of the classic game of charades, and are looking for something a little more challenging then Remember When could be the game for you. It makes the most of the inherent pleasure of reliving shared memories, as friends take it in turns to act out embarrassing and memorable episodes to enable the victim to be tormented all over again.

How do I play it?
  • Before starting, each guest takes some time to recall episodes that they know the gathered will remember or have shared before. Try to choose those that are as embarrassing as possible so less about when Josie got pregnant and focus more on the time she went on a first date and her beau vomited over her at the restaurant table (and yes, that did actually happen. Dave, you are forgiven). They can be about themselves or about another mutual friend or member of the gathered party. There are bound to be a couple of obvious ones that a few people plan to do and I’m sure there’s an offender in your group who might pop up more than once
  • Once ready, guests take it in turns to act out their episode. The entertainment value of this game is normally more than enough to negate the need to add a competitive element, but if needs must you can award points for how quickly the gathered party guess e.g. 4 point if they guess in 30 seconds, 3 points if within a minute, 2 points if within 90 seconds and 1 point if within two minutes.
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