Monday, 17 May 2010

Cracker Whacker

With the promise of summer on the way, I thought I'd share a favourite bit of organised fun. Cracker Whacker is a brilliant game to be rolled out at your next gathering. It was a hit at our summer party last year and deserves to be have wider acclaim. The rules to this classic, though rather messy Victorian Parlour Game are featured below:

What do I need to play?

Six crackers each, a thick piece of ribbon and a rolled up newspaper per player. You need to ensure your whackers are the same size per player to ensure no one has an unfair advantage.

How do I play it?
- Distribute the cream crackers to ensure each player has six and then help each other out by tying them to your heads with a ribbon, It's easiest if you tie a ribbon around your head and then slip the crackers in all around the ribbon
- On the word go players chase each other around the room for one minute with their rolled up newspaper and try to whack each other’s crackers until they’re all shattered away into crumbs
- The person with the most in tact cream crackers at the end of the minute round wins.

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