Monday, 3 August 2009

The Human Fruit Machine

This weekend we seduced the East London too cool for school crowd with some good old fashioned organised fun.

The Organised Fun Human Fruit Machine made it's virgin festival voyage to Field Day Festival in Victoria Park, East London to delight the crowds and show people the abundance of free fun to be had from a bag of fruit.

Don't despair if you missed out, you too can re-create this piece of fruity magic at home or even delight your friends down the pub.

How to play:
Set up the table with three chairs in a row behind it. Place the cardboard boxes on the table next to each other so that when the three players sit down, they can lean into them providing a shield from what the others are doing.
  • Get the three players (or the ‘fruits’) to sit in a line behind the table with their arms leaning into the boxes, and place their bag containing the fruit in front of them.
  • The other player stands to the side of the boxes with rattle (or similar) in hand.
  • Non-players are then invited to come forward and take it in turns to bet.
  • As each ‘punter’ hands over their money, the ‘rattler’ shakes or spins their sound and those with the fruit reach into their bags, unseen by their colleagues, and pull out a single fruit item, holding it inside the box so it can be seen by the punter.
  • The punter wins the agreed sum if the fruits simultaneously held up are all the same.
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