Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Human Musical Chairs

This is another great alternative to musical chairs, but this time kids play in pairs and use each other as 'seats'. It's ideal if you haven't got enough chairs for the gathered masses and also works brilliantly as a game to get the parents involved as the kids can sit on their oldies backs. We rolled it out at this year's Camp Bestival and it proved to be a winner.

How do I play it?
To get started get everyone into pairs and get them to agree who’s a chair and who’s a human.
  • Once everyone’s made fully aware of their chair or human status the game proceeds as with the standard game of musical chairs but this time when the music stops, the chairs get on their hands and knees and the humans sit on top. The last child or adult to sit on a chair is out and they must choose a chair to be out as well (i.e. two players, one from each group leave the game)
  • The last chair and the last human win
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