Friday, 18 September 2009

Competitive Swimming Pool Fun

Again another one I should have blogged at the beginning of the summer, but I'm sure there are a few of you with their holidays still to come. For you lucky ones here are a few of our tried and tested race based swimming pool favourites, alongside a couple from Organised Fun fan Helen Cavendish, that she's used to entertain her kids this summer.
  • Feet First Race: a race across the swimming pool with your feet first
  • Pool Pogo: a bouncing race across the swimming pool where contestants must touch the bottom on each bounce
  • Look no hands: a race across the pool on your front with head out of the water, but with hands behind your back.
  • Whacky Pool Races: this one's great for kids. Width races where someone chooses a different animal to impersonate for each width that they race across the pool
  • Tunnel relay race: get into two teams and each form a line in the pool. On the word 'go' the person at the back has to swim through everyone else's legs and all the way to the front. When they arrive, it's the person at the backs turn to go. This one's for strong swimmers only.
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  1. Swimming pool games are fun. Very fitted this summer season. Enjoy your summer everybody!