Monday, 10 May 2010

Human Buckaroo

This is a hilarious game invented by my boyfriend Barney and our friends Molly and Louis. It's ideal to play if someone has dozed off on the sofa or has reached a deep state of inebriation and slumber. Remember the 1980s game for Buckaroo? Well this is the real life version.

How do I play it?

  • Wait until your friend or relative has dozed off and then distribute a stack of plastic or paper cups to all players.
  • Players then take it in turns to gently place the plastic or paper cup on the dozing individual, carefully stacking them up so you have a big healthy collection balanced all over their body.
  • The person who places the cup that wakes the dozer up is the Loser.
  • If you were in a mean mood you could opt to have a small amount of water in each of the cups. Not recommended when playing with aged relatives.
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1 comment:

  1. hahahahahaa love this one. We did this with our mate at the weekend who passed outafter too much cider. We put water in the cups and he got soaked when he woke up