Monday, 28 September 2009

Paper Caterpillar Puppets

These puppets are an ace piece of crafting fun that are really easy for kids to do and can be made out of whatever paper you have around the house. Once they've cracked the basic concept then the format can be extended to make all sorts of different creatures. You'll be amazed how long some paper, glue and pens can keep them amused.

How to make a caterpillar puppet
  • Ideally you need two sheets of A3 paper (one green and one yellow is ideal), a stick from the garden and some string and a pipe cleaner if you’ve got one to make the antennae. If you don't have the A3 paper then just use whatever you've got to hand. Caterpillars come in all shapes and sizes and if you're using smaller sheets you can just stick them together
  • First of all cut the sheets of paper into 4cm wide strips and give each child one of each colour
Next get them to stick two ends of the strips together so they create a right angle. Once firmly stuck in place, get them to alternate folding the strips of paper over each other to create a corrugated tower structure – see diagram. If you want to make your caterpillar longer, the simply make another and stick the two pieces together

  • Next cut out a large circle to make the head and stick this to the end of the tower and cut out two circles with two smaller black circles inside to create the eyes. If you don’t have any black paper you can draw in the eyes
  • Then take your pipe cleaner and cut two small pieces off and tape these to the back of the head and position them so they curl forward
  • Finally, tape or staple a piece of string to the front and the back of the caterpillar and then tie the other ends to the stick to give you the handle to move the puppet about.
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