Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Rainbow Rain

Those friendly folk down Bristol way have shown themselves to be dab hands at organised fun. Earlier this month they held Igfest, a jamboree of gaming festivities which took place over four days across the city and featured a whole host of genius gaming shenanigans. One of my favourites has to be Rainbow Rain, where teams compete in a mass coloured water fight.

How do I play it?
Get yourself set up by preparing three buckets of coloured water by adding a healthy dose of poster paint to the water and giving it a good mix.
  • Next make sure everyone has a water pistol with them and is wearing white (a white t-shirt will do). Finally get them into three teams and give each team a bucket of coloured water.
  • On the word go, teams get shooting each other using their team's coloured water.
  • The winning team is the team who's colour dominates the white t-shirts at the end of the battle. Cunning tactics and unsportsmanlike behavior is encouraged, whatever it takes to win.
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