Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Recycled Carton Houses

If you're stuck inside on a rainy afternoon and caught short without anything to entertain the kids, you can always rely on your recycling bin to help you out. From water bottle lighthouses to egg carton monsters (see other blog entries), you can rescue an afternoon that would otherwise be given over to the television or computer console with a spot of creative imagination. Over the next few months I'll be blogging a host of recycle bin ideas to inspire your young Gormleys and Hirsts. To get things started, why not give the trusty milk or juice carton another lease of life and get our kids to create a carton house.

How to make a carton house
First of all get some coloured paper and cover your milk carton all over - one sheet of A4 is all you need
Next, get the kids to cut out some pictures of windows and doorways and other plants and pots from some gardening or home magazines and stick these into place. If your kids prefer, you can get them to draw the windows, doors and other features in place as Polly is demonstrating below

Finally create your roof by sticking some firmer card or corrugated card on the top to create a pitched roof. Brown felt is another great roof
alternative, especially if your glue isn’t strong enough to stick the card in place. You could even make yourself a chimney by using some rolled up paper or wine bottle cork
To make a block of flats or factory you can use a cereal packet instead but this time keep the square shape and follow the same steps above
Egg boxes are great cut up and used as plant pots or rubbish bins, screwed up bits of tin foil can make railings, strips of black and white paper make great zebra crossings and as always it’s about using what you’ve got in your recycling box or around the house without having to go out and buy something new.

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