Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Scissor, Paper, Stone, Raygun

This one is blends the traditional game of Scissor Paper Stone with an added element of Top Trumps. It was invented by Barney and my young cousin Leon (shown playing in the pictures), and provided an afternoon of entertainment at a family wedding. It's a winner for kids as as it means they can battle it out over whether a stick of dynamite beats a fire squirter, or whether a tractor can destroy a Landrover . All very subjective but certainly encourages some healthy debate.

How to play
  • Form a fist with your hand and on the count of three form the shape of either a pair of scissors, a piece of paper or a stone and hold your hand shape out in front of you
  • The rules of the game are that the shape that you form will either defeat or be defeated by the other players. Scissors cut paper but are blunted by stone and paper wraps stone
  • Once the kids have got the hang of this, they can introduce a weapon, vehicle or even animal of their choice and embark on a healthy debate of which one would win if they met face to face
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