Monday, 5 October 2009

Halloween Crafts - Bouncing Egg Carton Spider

This egg carton spider is easy-peasy for kids to make and ideal to decorate a Halloween outfit or to hang around the home.

What do I need?
An egg carton, paint and paintbrush, pipe cleaners (colour dependent on the chosen colour of the spider), white paper and felt tips, scissors, glue, something to pierce holes (a wooden kebab stick is ideal) a conker and some elastic.

How do I make it?
Cut out one of egg holders from an egg carton, and pierce four holes on either side and one at the top (best that an adult does this part). Next get the kids to paint the egg holder black or whatever colour they fancy (my friend Snow was very keen on her multi-coloured spider - see pic).

Leave the egg holder to dry and meanwhile cut out two eyes and a mouth and colour these in. Once the egg holder is dry stick these into place.

Finally once the egg holder is completely dry, stick a pipe cleaner into each of your holes and bend these into leg like shapes. Pierce the conker, thread this onto the elastic and then thread the elastic through the hole at the top of the egg cup. This will give the spider the weight it will need to bounce.

All done.

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