Sunday, 9 October 2011

Halloween Crafts - Wooden Spoon Bat

This weekend my cousin, her husband and their delightful but mildly hyperactive children came to stay. In anticipation of the continuation of the blissful Indian summer we've had here in England we'd planned all sorts of boating shenanigan fun. A little ambitious perhaps given the last time they visited we had to fish the youngest out of the river when he leapt in after the dog. Sadly, as we might have predicted, that short burst of sunny bliss we all enjoyed last weekend was essentially British summer for 2011. As an alternative and in attempt to contain the both of them long enough for their exhausted parents to get half an hour peace with a beer on the balcony I decided to get them stuck into some early Halloween make and do.

If you fancy giving this Wooden Spoon Bat a go, then it really is super easy to do. It makes a winning finishing touch to a fancy dress outfit and is also ideal to provide some entertainment over a rainy autumnal weekend.

What you need
A wooden spoon, black paper, a pencil or pen that shows up on black paper, black paint and a brush, white paper, scissors, glue, a drawing pin and red & black felt tips.

How to make it
  • First of all get the child to paint their wooden spoon and put this to the side to dry.
  • Next on the black paper draw out the outline of the wings and the ears for the child to cut out. Then draw out the eyes and the bat's teeth
  • Once the spoon is dry, get the child to stick the eyes, ears and teeth on and felt tip in the eyeballs and blood. Finally use the drawing pin to pin the bats wings into the back of the spoon.

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  1. You have such a wonderful site! I just love the crafts you come up with, and so do my children. I check back often to see what new ideas you have posted about