Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Halloween Crafts - Wooden Spoon Witch Puppet

Another easy-peasy wooden spoon Halloween kids make and do activity. This one's great as a Halloween house decoration or to add a finishing touch to a costume.

What do we need?
A wooden spoon, green paint, black paper or felt, orange wool, some twigs, white circle stickers or tipex, a stapler, glue and a black felt tip pen.

How do we make it?
  • First of all paint the wooden spoon green and leave this somewhere to dry.
  • Next take your orange wool and get the kids to cut a whole load of strands at the same length and then divide these into three. A grown-up then needs to take one of the bundles in the middle and staple it to the front of the wooden spoon (making sure the spoon's dry before you do). The grown-up then needs to staple the other two to the back so they hang down like hair.
  • Next make the witch's cloak by cutting out a large square of black felt or paper, wrapping it around the wooden spoon like a cloak and then stapling it into place. To ensure it doesn't fall off, you can also tie a piece of wool around the neck of the spoon to hold it in place once it's wrapped firmly around the spoon.
  • Cut out another square of black felt or paper and curl this into a hat shape, glue or staple it together and then fix it on the witch's head.
  • You then add the features using your sticky white circles for eyes or tip-exing them in place before drawing in the pupils. You can then either draw on the mouth or cut out and stick on a mouth shape using the black paper or felt. The nose can then be drawn on with the black pen or you could stick on some green painted paper (though this is a bit fiddly).
  • Finally make the broom by snapping up some thin twig pieces and tying these onto a longer thicker twig using a piece of wool. Finally get a grown-up to staple the broom onto the cloak.
  • Finished.

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