Monday, 5 October 2009

Wooden Spoon Puppets

My friend Snow who also lives on our island popped around this morning for a puppet making session. We decided to make some Wooden Spoon Puppets as I had a load of old material scraps that needed using up.

These are really simple puppets for kids to make, and it provides a whole other puppet theatre game once they're made. You can theme them to different times of the year. I have an event at Selfridges Store in London on Halloween, where we're going to be making a whole theatre of scary puppet characters.

What do I need

A wooden spoon, some felt tip pens, a stapler and some old scraps of material.

How do I make a Wooden Spoon Puppet
First of all get your kids to decide what type of puppet they want to make. They might choose a Halloween themed witch or even decide to model one on themselves.
Get them started by drawing their characters face onto the wooden spoon using felt tip pens. Next get them to cut some long
strands of wool which you can then staple into the wooden spoon as hair.
Finally the fun part, get them to rummage through your pile of material scraps and design their puppet an outfit.

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