Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pumpkin Fettling

Pumpkin Fettling is an ancient Dorset game that's traditionally played on Halloween. It has a reputation for being a tad on the dangerous side as it's essentially bar billiards (the one where the ball swings from a string to knock the skittles over) but with humans instead.

The game involves taking it in turns to swing a suspended pumpkin to try and knock the other players off their wooden blocks. Definitely one for the adults, and do keep an eye on your crown jewels as the swinging pumpkin has a nasty habit of hitting where it hurts the most.

What do we need
A pumpkin, 6 wood logs wide enough for people to stand on, a rope and somewhere to suspend it from (a bough of a tree is ideal)

How do we play
  • Get yourself set up by making a hole in your pumpkin, threading the rope through and securing it in place with a couple of knots. You now need to suspend it from the bough of a tree or beams are ideal if you're playing inside. Next you need to set up your six wood cuts so that they are positioned at the end of the swing of the rope
  • Once sorted, get the first bowling player to stand with pumpkin in hand and six other players to position themselves on the logs. The aim of the game is to be the last person standing of the log, whilst the bowler attempts to knock the players off.

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