Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Crafts: Sparkly Bread Baubles

This is a brilliant method to get your kids crafting some decorations for the Christmas tree using a few bits from around your kitchen.

What do we need
A loaf of sliced white bread, some paint on glue, glitter or tin foil, a pastry cutter, a straw and some string or ribbon to hang them up

How do we do it
First of all get yourself set up by cutting out some Christmas shapes using a pastry cutter. I only had a traditional circle one so was restricted to moons and pendant shapes, but the shops have loads of Christmas cutters on sale at this time of year. You also need to pierce a hanging hole at the top of your shape so you can hang them from the tree.

Once you've cut your shapes out you need to put them in a low oven (about 150 degrees centigrade) to dry them out. This should take no more than five minutes and you want to take them out before they start turning brown.

Finally it's the fun bit. Get the kids to cover the shapes with glue and then sprinkle on the glitter or stick on some screwed up balls of tin foil - finished!

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