Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Human Christmas Tree - Christmas Games

Next up is the Human Christmas Tree game. This is ideal to play on Christmas day once the present opening frenzy has come to an end and the room is awash with wrapping paper and ribbons. It's great to get the kids to help clearing up and will help fill the time before Christmas lunch hits the table.

How do we play it?
Split into two teams, or three if there are a few of you. The ideal number to have in each team is three to four

  • Equally divide up all the left over wrapping paper, ribbons and packaging so that there’s a healthy pile for each team. You might want to top these up from extra Christmas decorations that you have lying around
  • Decide who’s going to be the Christmas tree in each team. Teams then have five minutes to turn their elected player into the best Christmas tree using the left over debris
  • Prizes awarded for creative use of materials as well as closeness to the real Christmas tree form.
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