Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Decoration Workshop at Waterstones

If you're in the Kingston-Upon-Thames area this weekend, and are looking for something to entertain the kids, then why not come along to the Waterstones store at 2pm this Sunday. The Organised Fun team are running a kids workshop designed to adorn your Christmas tree with homespun charm. Kids will be shown how to rustle up Christmas tree decorations that they can also do at home - ideal to buy you time off to wrap some presents.

Christmas Crafts: Pom Pom Tree Decorations

pompom6.jpgWith fashion's continued love of all things thrifty and homespun, Pom Poms are very hip at the moment. These woolen balls of fun are really easy for kids to do, and they make original and colourful Christmas tree decorations. To create that Christmas feel, use brightly coloured or sparkling wools and make sure the kids make enough of them to give your tree real impact.

For a simple guide on how to make Pom Poms, click on this link to the brilliant website.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pumpkin Fettling

Pumpkin Fettling is an ancient Dorset game that's traditionally played on Halloween. It has a reputation for being a tad on the dangerous side as it's essentially bar billiards (the one where the ball swings from a string to knock the skittles over) but with humans instead.

The game involves taking it in turns to swing a suspended pumpkin to try and knock the other players off their wooden blocks. Definitely one for the adults, and do keep an eye on your crown jewels as the swinging pumpkin has a nasty habit of hitting where it hurts the most.

What do we need
A pumpkin, 6 wood logs wide enough for people to stand on, a rope and somewhere to suspend it from (a bough of a tree is ideal)

How do we play
  • Get yourself set up by making a hole in your pumpkin, threading the rope through and securing it in place with a couple of knots. You now need to suspend it from the bough of a tree or beams are ideal if you're playing inside. Next you need to set up your six wood cuts so that they are positioned at the end of the swing of the rope
  • Once sorted, get the first bowling player to stand with pumpkin in hand and six other players to position themselves on the logs. The aim of the game is to be the last person standing of the log, whilst the bowler attempts to knock the players off.

The Marshmallow Game - Halloween Games

Marshmallows are for some reason synonymous with the autumn festivals of Halloween and Bonfire night. I guess it must be something to do with the fact that they're great toasted on an open fire. There are a few games that use these spongy treats including a Japanese one that's featured on Youtube which involves pinning your nose back with an elastic band, but as I don't speak Japanese I couldn't really figure out how this one worked.

One of the more popular ones involves threading 10 marshmallows onto a string for each player, separating the marshmallows out so there's space between them and then suspending them from somewhere at a height that the players can reach them with their mouths. On the word 'go' players race to be the first one to eat all the marshmallows on their string.

Monday, 16 November 2009

The Dinner Table Olympics

This is a brilliant game to roll out at your next dinner party. It has particular appeal to competitive sporting friends and any kids will find it thoroughly entertaining too - ideal to keep them occupied over Christmas lunch. The Dinner Table Olympics is essentially a series of competitive sporting events that utilise your dining room table and other kitchen and eating paraphernalia.

Coin Curling: guests compete to flick a coin along the dining table towards three concentric circle targets that have been chalked out at the end of the table. If your coin is in the outer circle you score one point, next circle two points and middle circle three points.
Biscuis: Discus with Digestives. Players compete to see who can throw their Digestive biscuit the furthest. If you're playing in a small space then you might want to get guests to compete to throwing it towards a target.
Ice Cube Hockey: a game of table hockey played with ice cubes and cutlery. Mark out goal posts at either end of your table. Play is in pairs, with one player in goal and the other playing in the field. The aim of the game is to shoot the ice cube into your opponents goal using your fork. The first team to three goals wins.
Sugar Cube Basketball: guests have three attempts to net a point (or points) by shooting their three sugar cubes (or similar table objects) into the sugar bowl.
Race on your Face: a competitive sprint to race a cheese biscuit (or similar object) from forehead to mouth by wriggling your features. If the item drops off, pick it up and place back on your forehead. First player to get the item in their mouth wins.
• Olympic Torch Candle: a competition to see who can blow out the candles from the greatest distance.

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Monday, 9 November 2009

Pin the Nose on the Witch - Halloween Games

Last weekend, the Organised Fun team had the pleasure of hosting a Halloween Games and craft event at the Selfridges store in London. We had a good couple of hundred screamingly enthusiastic kids come along, who got stuck into a whole stack of Halloween fun.

One of the winners was a brilliant game called 'Pin the Nose on the Witch', which is essentially a Halloween themed version of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'. It's ideal if you're looking for a Halloween game that works for kids of all ages and is not as messy as Apple Bobbing.

I made our witch out of felt and used a velcro on felt nose. If you're lacking in the felt department then you can easily draw yourself a witch on a large sheet of paper and cut out a nose and use blue tac to stick it in place.

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