Sunday, 14 February 2010

Cornflake Packet Game

This game will appeal to yoga-ites as it allows guests to demonstrate their dexterity and balance. It’s brilliant to watch and you might be surprised by the suppleness of some people in your group. The idea behind the game is that players compete to pick the packet up with their teeth, whilst it gets lower and lower as the game plays on. It's not necessary to take your trousers off as demonstrated by my friend in the picture, but it does give you that added flexible edge.

How do we play it?
  • The aim of the game is to demonstrate flexibility by bending down and picking up a cereal packet using only the teeth as it gets lower and lower.
  • Get everybody to stand in a circle and then each player takes it in turns to step forward, bend down and retrieve the cereal packet with their teeth. The rules are that no body part other than the player’s feet are allowed to touch the floor, and no other object must give them balance.
  • If players fail after two goes, they’re out. If you want to be strict about it you can make it one go.
  • Once the remaining players have completed the task you then need to trim the top layer off the cereal packet by about five centimetres. You then go around the circle again, with each player attempting to pick it up with their teeth within two goes.
  • The game plays on, with the box getting lower and lower as more is ripped off at the end of each round, and more and more players dropping out, until the last man standing is declared the winner.
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