Sunday, 28 March 2010

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt - Lindt Bunny Lamping

If you're looking to shake up the traditional Easter Egg hunt format then this one's great for grown-ups as well as kids. We invented this one Easter at a friend’s house in Wales. It’s best played with those gold foil-wrapped Lindt bunnies, though anything with a reflective surface works just as well.

For those not versed in the ways of the country, bunny lamping is a method that’s used to catch rabbits to keep populations in check. Hunters go out with torches and shine them into rabbit-infested areas. When the light hits a rabbit, their eyes light up like bulbs, similar to when they’re caught in car headlights.

What do we need to play it?
A strong torch and some foil-wrapped chocolate treats – the larger the better – and at least one for every player. Oh, and a night sky.

How many friends?
This requires at least one person to plan and manage the game and as few or as many as you like to play it.
How do we play it?
  • The organiser needs to go into the garden or on a well-known walk when it’s still light, and strategically hide the foil-wrapped goodies in positions where they’ll shine when the torchlight hits them.
  • Next, write a set of creative clues to mark out the trail. You might want to be cryptic about it, for example if the foil-wrapped chocolates are hidden in the daffodils, your clue might allude to Wordsworth’s famous poem. Alternatively, and especially if you’re playing with young kids, you can be fairly literal, for example the clue might read: ‘Under a heavy green object ten paces from the front door.’
  • When all set up and it’s dark enough outside, hand a copy of the clues to each of the hunters, who then compete to find the foil-wrapped treasure by shining their torches around the directed area until a burst of gold flashes out.
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