Monday, 8 March 2010

Strawberry Bum Candle (also known as Funghi Bum Candle)

Genius game with an even better name. This one can be played with mushrooms but I find strawberries give it that extra edge. We played it at weekend at my friend Oriana's birthday party. The basic idea is that it's a race to see who can put out a candle that's positioned between their legs by swinging and lowering a strawberry that is suspended from a belt with a piece of string.

What do we need to play it?

A tea light, jam jar, mushroom and a 50cm piece of string per player. Players also need to be wearing a belt.

How do we play it?

  • First of all, get yourselves set up by tying one end of the string to the mushroom and the other end to the belt loop at the back of your trousers. Next get the players to position themselves above the candle with the mushroom dangling majestically between their legs.
  • On the word, players then race to put out the candle using the mushroom. The first player to achieve the task is the winner.
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