Thursday, 25 March 2010

Up Jenkins and variations on the theme

This is a great little game to entertain the kids when you're sat around a dinner table. It's also something that adults love to play, which will inevitably mean it's endurance value will be much longer. We played it last weekend when we had a rare sunny day and used it to keep the kids amused whilst we were waiting for our pub lunch to arrive.

How do we play it

The game follows the same rules as Up Jenkins with players getting into two teams sat either side of the table.

The first team takes the coin and secretly passes it between themselves under the table, minimising movements or laying false movement clues as to the whereabouts of the coin.

  • When someone on the opposing team knows where the coin is they shout 'Up Jenkins!' and point at the offending player who then must stand up and reveal whether the coin is in their fist. If correct, the guessing team score a point before handing the coin over for the other team to play.
  • First team to five wins.


  • Down Jenkins – the accused person has to get down on their knees whilst the accusation is made.
  • Aeroplane – this time once the passing has finished and before a guess can be made, the team have to get up and spin in circles like a child flying an aeroplane.
  • Piano – in this format, again before the guessing begins, the playing team have to pretend to play the piano on the table in front of them. This involves some cunning handiwork by lightly crushing the palm of your hand to hold the coin in place.
  • Slam, Crawl Jenkins - this time the opposing team has to say Slam or Crawl after they have called Up Jenkins. If 'Slam' is called, teh team have to all slam their hands on teh table at the same time with palms faced down. If 'Crawl' is called, the team have to slowly lay their hands palm down onto the table again trying to conceal the noise of the coin as it hits the table.

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