Friday, 14 May 2010


Hopscotch can be found dating back to the Roman Empire, when soldiers used the game to improve their footwork and agility in preparation for battle. The game continues to be played all over the world and has spawned many variants. I’ve featured the one most commonly found in school playgrounds today, along with some more novel variations for those looking to experiment.

What do we need to play it?

Some chalk, something to use as a marker and a pavement or tarmac to play on.

How do we play it?
  • To play this classic game, begin by chalking out your play area.
  • The first player takes their marker (it can be a stone, or a coin, for example) and tosses it onto square number one.
  • The hopper then has to hop up the course, missing the square that the marker landed on. They must be on one leg when it’s a single square, or straddle both squares if it’s a double. The ‘home’ square (the first chalked-out square) can be hopped through however the player likes.
  • Once completed, they must then turn around and hop back, picking up their marker on the way, before throwing it onto the number two square and repeating the process.
  • If the player falls over, misses a square or steps on the line, their go ends and it’s the turn of the next player.
  • Players always begin their turn where they last left off. The first player to complete the course working through the numbers wins the game.

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