Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easy way to this season's interior brights

When it comes to interiors, bright is good in my world. Admittedly our home more closely resembles a nursery classroom than a houseboat, but I find minimalism and the muted hues and white palettes of some uber designed homes rather depressing. The good thing about fashion is that if you wait long enough, everything comes around eventually. So if your style is a little wayward then you can rest assured that at some point those dedicated followers of fashion will at some point be turning to you as their inspiration.

Thankfully for a brief and fickle moment, I seem to be on the money as the interior magazines are showcasing a rainbow explosion. One simple way to bring this season's brights into the home is with a couple of pots of paint. A few weeks ago I rescued some country style wooden chairs that had been rejected by the local charity shop. With a coat of wood primer and a couple of coats of bright paint, I'd updated our whole table for less than 30 quid.

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