Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hold a sunflower growing competition

Last weekend we received a parcel in the post from one of my aunts containing a packet of seeds and a challenge that laid down the gauntlet to a sunflower growing competition amongst the wider family members. I love a spot of competition and duly raced to the potting shed to sow several seeds in uber growth generating compost and doused them in sunflower power plant food (or similar concoction). I'd actually sown some sunflower seeds the weekend before, and was sorely tempted to get ahead of the game and claim these as the ones received in the post, but that would be cheating.

This is a really lovely competition to hold with friends, family or neighbours, and if you're a city dweller, it allows you to bring a touch of the village fete to your urban life. For our competition there were no rules other than your sunflower must be grown from the packet of seeds that were sent. Other than that it's open season.

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