Wednesday, 13 April 2011

How to organise an uber super duper Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter just around the corner I thought I would see if I could inspire you to organise an Easter Hunt spectacular that's a little more than a couple of chocolate eggs poked inside a plant pot. There's a whole other level that you can take your Easter Hunt to that should get even the most poe faced to get involved. I know of a family who still all head home aged 30 plus in eager anticipation of their Father's infamous Easter Egg Hunt extravaganza, with their own kids now in tow. If you fancy adding a touch of dazzle to the traditional skip around the lawn, then I hope the following provides some inspiration:

  • Think beyond the back garden or living room, and take your hunt into the big wide world. Lay your trail around your local park or the village if you're in the countryside, or organise a hunt that follows your favourite Sunday stroll through the woods or along the canal. See if you can persuade a couple of accomplices to help out by getting them to hold a clue. They need to be relied on to be at a certain place, at a certain time, so a shop keeper, lock keeper or even ice cream man are all ideal
  • We once started our Easter Egg Hunt by making it look as though we'd taken an ad out in the Sunday papers announcing the first clue. We had actually created an ad and stuck it in there, but the kids loved it
  • If you're playing near a beach or riverside, then use items around you to hold clues. Mark a cross on a bottom of a stone with the clue written underneath or if you're any good at origami and are laying a trail that will take you through some garden blooms, then you could re-create a flower out of paper with the clue written on it, and strategically position amongst the real McCoys
  • Another year we decorated our local oak tree by hanging the chocolate high up in the branches meaning the kids had to scramble up the tree to retrieve them
  • Ordinance survey map coordinates are also great clues if the egg hunters are any good with a map and compass
  • If you're playing anywhere near water and can get your hands on a floating buoy then create a waterproof container that you submerge and attach to a buoy. You can direct the egg hunters to the clue either through ordinance survey coordinates or by points of reference
  • Thanks to Counrty Living magazine for the lovely picture.

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