Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Street party-tastic

This Friday over 1 million people will be taking to the streets to join in one of the many Street Parties that are being put on to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Hats off to all those community spirited individuals who are putting the time and effort in to make these things happen. It's no small feat. In case you're searching for some inspiration, I've provided a few of my favourite street party or village fete style games:

  • Tug of war - one side of street Vs other
  • Best decorated front door or dustbin
  • Best front garden
  • Village fete style baking and vegetable growing competitions
  • Dog that most looks like it's owner
  • Bunting making competition
  • Human fruit machine side show
  • Whacky races - three legged race, egg & spoon, sack race, backwards running, high heel race, fancy dress race (oh the list could go on)
  • Bike decorating competition
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