Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beach sculpture

We're off on our staycation in a couple of weeks, to spend a long and hopefully sunny week in a beach side house in Cornwall. Inspired by a stunning piece of drift rope sculpture by Australian artist Narelle Autio that was featured in this month's Living Etc, I'm currently daydreaming about gathering stacks of multi-coloured flotsam and jetsam rope and creating a piece of functional beach sculpture. I have no doubt that this mildly ambitious plan will be thwarted by the British weather, being eight months pregnant and the need to entertain three families worth of children, but for the moment I'm kidding myself with the day dreaming.

Narelle isn't alone in her beach side flotsam crafting. I also came across these stunning driftwood horse sculptures by Heather Jansch.

Or what about this brilliant driftwood hedgehog by artist Gigi Leonard.

Realistically however, I should probably set my ambitions a little lower and go for something like these quirky pebble people. Either way, it seems a brilliant and creative way to entertain the kids and yourself on a day on the beach.

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