Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Time for a spot of wild swimming

During an afternoon spent trying not to over exert myself whilst basking on our deck like the pregnant beached whale that I am, the local outdoor swimming group came along the opposite bank to brave a dip in the Thames.

Thanks in part to the late Roger Deakin's brilliant book, Waterlog, where he explores Britain from a frog's eye view, wild swimming has had something of a renaissance over the past few years. Bored of the confines of our chlorine filled municipal pools, swimmers have been inspired to liberate themselves from their regimented lanes and can be found diving into our rivers and lakes to set their swimming free. Last weekend marked the opening of the swimming season on our houseboat when several friends leaped off the deck to take a refreshing if not chilly dip in the welcoming waters of the Thames. If I wasn't six months pregnant then I would be there with them, but instead thought it best to keep the towels warm whilst they paddled off for a swim around the island. If you fancy having a pop at wild swimming, then check out the Outdoor Swimming Society's website for some safety tips and pointers for the best outdoor swimming spots.

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