Sunday, 1 May 2011

Wedding reception games and activities

To celebrate last week’s Royal Wedding, we headed over to a street party of sorts held in the communal gardens on our island. Fellow boat dwellers rocked up with suitably royal themed food such as Coronation Chicken, Cucumber Sandwiches and Eton Mess, and it also turned out that one of our neighbours worked on the Royal Wedding dress. A claim to fame if ever I heard one. With last week’s event so neatly and successfully wrapped up, I thought I’d share some of my favourite wedding reception games.

Speech wagers
– put wager sheets on all tables, and ask guests to place bets, (monetary or not) on how long they think the Best Man and the Father of the Bride’s speech will last. Those closest on each table win the cash or are given a prize by one of the Ushers.

Swedish bouquet throwing
– there is a lovely Swedish tradition that avoids the usual bun fight that occurs when the bouquet is flung to the wannabe brides. At some point before or after dinner, the bride asks all of the guests to stand up. She then asks all children, singletons or couples that have been together for less than five years to sit down. Next the bride asks all couples who have been together less than ten years to sit down. This goes on until the last couple is standing who have been together the longest out of all gathered guests, and they are gifted the Bride’s bouquet

Table toast
– challenge each table to come up with an amusing or endearing table toast, which is then read out, to the bride and groom.

The Heads and Tails game - click on link for full details.

Sketch a guest - place a pad and pens on each table and ask that the guests each sketch the person to their left at some point during the meal. Sketches should be signed off and titled, and then collected together by the Ushers to create a novel momento of the day.

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