Thursday, 16 June 2011

Beach activity no. 3: Sea fishing

After extensive debate and deliberation over appropriate tackle, tide times and who's going to land the big one, the boys finally headed out for an afternoon fishing. Nick the Stone Skimming Champion and fishing novice, trumped everyone's extensive experience by landing two massive Pollock. The men returned to base like the true hunter gatherers that they are.

If you fancy giving sea fishing a go, below are a few basic tips to get yourself started:
  • First up, make sure you're wearing the right kit. You want waterproofs, shoes with a good grip and a light rucksack to enable safe rock scrambling
  • Next choose your day carefully. Don't head out if it's rainy, the sea is rough or there is any potential of adverse conditions
  • The key to success with any type of fishing is in local knowledge. Head to the local tackle shop and hire or buy yourself the basic kit for the type of fish you're likely to catch. Take the opportunity to get as much local know how as possible. You want to know where to head, what to use and when to do it. These are the boys (or girls) with all the golden fishy nuggets of information that you need
  • Spend some time studying the tide times. You want to be heading out as the tide is well on its way in and be positioned in a safe place that's easy to cast from and that's also over some deep fishy water
  • Finally get yourself tackled up before you leave the house, or at least before you start scrambling down the rocks. The rest is down to luck.

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