Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Super quick guide to making your own bunting

Jeez Louise, I can't believe how much people are charging for bunting. It's criminal, particularly given how easy it is to make. Seriously, if you've never laid your hands on a sewing machine before it's one of the easiest first time projects to have a crack at. You'll need to borrow someone's machine for a few hours and get them to show you how to thread the machine (yawn), but once you've mastered this eternally useful skill then the rest is easy. Never one to guild the lily, this is a fuss free simple guide is to making your own bunting.

First of all get yourself set up with the material you want to make your bunting out of. Given the technicolor nautical nature of our houseboat I went for some bright stripes from Alternatively, I've made lots of wedding bunting using brightly coloured table cloths and materials that I've picked up from charity shops. I can't be arsed with sewing them double sided so try to choose thick material with bright colours on both sides. You'll also need some webbing tape to sew the fabric onto. I like this thick anti-tangle webbing tape, super cheap from here as well.

Next decide on the size of your triangles. I like 'em big so I usually go for about a 30cm drop. Keep it simple and save yourself a whole load of hemming hassle, get yourself some pinking shears (ziggy zaggy scissors) and cut the triangles out.

Once done, stretch your tape out and place your triangles at equal distances along the webbing tape, then fold the tape over and pin these in place. Finally feed through your sewing machine and Bob's your bunting buddy, you're done.

Look how happy Otter the dog looks under hers. Full instructions for this and much more can be found in my newest book, The Book of Summer.

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