Sunday, 5 June 2011

Water babies and river fun for kids

This weekend we had a bunch of friends and their babies join us for a picnic by the river in the gorgeous June sunshine. We plotted ourselves up by a kid friendly stream and let them spend hours entertaining themselves in the water. Herbie our son was insistent on splashing around naked for a good two hours until we had to remove him for fear of hypothermia when he started turning blue. If you fancy getting your kids out enjoying our waterways, here are a few activities to get them stuck in:

  • Mud pies - the can't be beaten classic. Give them a bucket and spade and that'll keep them entertained for a good hour
  • River dipping and stone tipping - give them a plastic tub and a net and see what they can find
  • Bobbing for fish - put some bread or a piece of bacon on the end of a line with a hook and get them to bob this gently up and down where you know there are fish that will be interested
  • Stone painting - if the water's too cold to get in, get them to collect some stones to decorate
  • Make a water periscope - by following these simple instructions
  • Have a boat building competition - using the contents of your recycling bin. Whoever's boat floats the longest wins
  • Build a candle powered putt putt boat - if you fancy raising your boat building game, then get the kids to have a go at building their own brilliant candle powered Putt Putt Boat
  • Have a game of duck bingo - make a card that features pictures of the commonly found ducks and geese in your area. When they spot one, get them to cross it off their card. The first person to spot all those on their card wins.

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