Monday, 29 August 2011

Build yourself a bivouac

Building a bivouac is one of those wholesome Boy Scout activities that I have high hopes of our kids embracing. Given that they're both under two and based on the evidence from yesterday's attempt, I think we need to wait a little while. They did however find it very amusing to pull down the one their father had a go at putting together.

If you've got slightly older kids, then this is a lovely way to get them playing outdoors for the day. They'll need a hand but once the basic structure is there, you can leave them to put the finishing touches to their den. Here's how to build one:
  • Choose a flat piece of ground and start off by collecting as many long fallen branches as you can. Get the kids to break off the smaller twigs as you go
  • Choose three of your longest and sturdiest branches and jam them into the ground as much as you can, and arrange them in teepee like shape with the tops leaning against each other. This takes a bit of fiddling around until you've found the best angle to lean them at
  • Once these are in place get the kids to lean the smaller branches against them, to start creating a more solid structure
  • Finally, cover your den with bracken, leaves and other foliage to give it an authentic woodland hide finish. Bingo.

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