Friday, 28 October 2011

Top Trump your friends and family

Last weekend marked the start of our bittersweet countdown to leaving life on the river. Our new Devonshire home is almost in the bag and the realisation of what we're about to do and all that we're leaving is finally beginning to kick in.

One of the many upsides however is that any departure warrants a party or ten. First up was last weekend's dinner for twenty of our closest friends. Given the relative intimate quarters that our houseboat offers, this required considerable moving of furniture and hiding of kids toys.

The theme for the evening was to dress for the ballroom of the Titanic. There were some fairly creative interpretations including my beloved dressed as a mermaid. Never one to miss an opportunity to show off his feminine charms

One of the games we played was a round of Titanic Top Trumps which involved guests drawing the person who sat to their left and marking them on a set criteria. We went for Manners, Conversation, Attire and their Ability to run a brothel (what else).

The game was a winner and provided some very amusing drawings as well as a spot of after dinner entertainment for those who played a round of Titanic Top Trumps with the finished cards.

The cards also made brilliant place names and I reckon it would be a fantastic game to play at a wedding. Let me know if you use it as would love to hear how it went down.

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