Monday, 26 March 2012

Holy mackerel they're here

According to those lovely people and handsome farmers at Yeo Valley, summer is officially on its way as the silver shoals of mackerel have already arrived in British waters. It's pretty early this year as they don't normally show their sparkly silver bellies and iridescent blue and grey stripes until June. They'll generally hang around to enjoy our non-balmy waters right through to the end of the summer so there's plenty of time to catch them if you can't get to the coast this weekend.

To enjoy mackerel at it's best head out to catch yourself a bucket and get it on the BBQ as soon as you can. This is a pic taken of us last summer smugly coming out of the water after landing enough mackerel to feed half of Pembrokeshire (that was an exaggeration BTW in case I get any abuse about excessive fishing).

OK so landing yourself a catch isn't an option for most people. You can of course head down to your local shop and get hold of smoked mackerel all year round. My favourite way to enjoy it is to mash it up with a healthy dollop of Yeo Valley double cream (or creme fraiche if you want the healthy option) and a large teaspoon of horseradish. Season with pepper and fresh lemon and load it on to toast. It's got to be a summer top ten.

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