Thursday, 15 March 2012

Knit happens

Guerilla Knitting, also known as Yarnbombing or Yarnstorming is a trend that has spread from the US, to the UK via Japan and back again. it's a benign type of vandalism whose innocent intentions are to bring a smile to all who see it.

A bit like the close knit group The Shoreditch Sisters who have re-invented the Women's Institute for the 21st century, these intrepid group of spin doctors have given the previously granny owned hobby of knitting a face-lift.

Always one for a good yarn, it was a delight to hear about the latest victim to be needled by the Yarnbombers. Locals in the Yorkshire town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea were in stitches this week when they woke up to find that their pier had received a scarf face lift. The Olympic themed scarf stretched from one end of the pier to the other and featured characters to represent all of the Olympic sports. It's a mystery how the guerilla knitter(s) managed to pull the wool over the eyes of locals whilst they were wrapping the pier up. The problem will of course be if it rains. Hey knit happens.

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