Thursday, 19 April 2012

Blowing Eggs

When we were kids, blowing eggs was an Easter tradition at my aunt's house where we would always spend our holidays. There was always a great deal of ceremony around collecting the eggs from the hens in the morning. We would then gather round the table and carefully blow the egg's into a bowl ready to be scrambled and served for Easter breakfast. This one's a little late for this year's Easter, but great for kids to do anytime of the year.

To give this a go, you don't need to use the freshly laid kind, any old commoner garden supermarket egg will do. Though I'm a firm believer that a happier free-range hen lays happier and tastier eggs. Anyway, I digress. Get yourself set up with a bowl ready to catch the eggs contents and then carefully pierce the top of the egg with a small blowing hole and make a second slightly larger hole at the bottom, where the egg's contents will fall out. Give the kids an egg each and get them to carefully hold the egg whilst blowing it's contents out into the bowl below.

Once your eggs are empty you can then get the kids to dye and decorate them. To dye them simply dilute some food dye in water and then leave the eggs submerged for half an hour or so.

They can then decorate them with felt tips, glitter, sequins or whatever else you can get your hands on.

Alternatively, get creative yourself and do as these clever people have. Who says eggs don't grow on trees?

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