Sunday, 1 April 2012

A garden hideaway for the kids

Who'd have thought it? Barely a leaf on the trees and we're basking in 65 F sunshine with not a wisp of cloud sullying the Devonshire skies. It's been like a scene from Disney's Bambi in the West Country this week; all twinkly rivers, twittering birds and deer and rabbits bouncing around the garden.

This early summer weather is an ideal time to get outside with the kids. So yesterday to fill an afternoon in the sun we decided to pop up a simple garden tent. It gives Kitty some shade to play and Herbie somewhere new to run in and out of screaming - nothing like the peace and quite of the country.

To give this a go, simply tie a length of rope at shoulder height and then hang an old large double duvet or a couple of rugs over the top with an equal amount hanging on both sides. If like us you don't have any trees at the right height, you can of course prop it up with whatever you have to hand. I used the kid's blackboard and a stick. Next stretch out both sides to create a tent like shape and weigh them down to keep them in place. Finally, arm the kids with blankets and other house making paraphernalia and leave them to enjoy.

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